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Ceramic Tile

Benefits of Our Ceramic Tile

* Look – a vast array of choices in textures and colors to expand design potential
* Durability - these are ceramic tiles made for long-term performance
* Versatility – choosing our tiles for floors, walls, other horizontal surfaces opens all kinds of design possibilities.
* Easy Maintenance - keeping our ceramic tile clean easily simply saves you time.
* Safety – our ceramic tile provides a fire-proof surface for an additional level of security for your property

Our ceramic tiles serve as a defining feature of your hallways and foyers. These ceramic tiles are coming into their own as staple elements to more frequented areas such as dining rooms and living areas.
Benefits of Porcelain tile

Our porcelain tile reflects refined beauty in flooring, as well as being durable to high foot traffic and highly resistant to moisture. Takla, Torino, and Kaska porcelain tile are rated at a minimum of PEI 3, durable enough to serve in nearly every area of any property, as tough as natural stone. Also, they are known to be:

* Hard-wearing - a harder material than most ceramics, being baked at higher temperatures in the kiln than most ceramics
* Completely water-proof - perfect for your bathroom or shower stall applications, as well as for your outdoor installations in the case of unglazed porcelain tiles
* Hygienic - bacteria does not find easy purchase on porceleain tile, another great reason to put them in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas.
* Affordable - premium quality, at the lowest possible pricing.

Benefits of Merida Saltillo Tile

Our Merida Saltillo tile is a rustic variety of ceramic tile with an earthy Southwestern appearance, similar to terra cotta. Authentically made by hand, and characterized by their varied, unique charm from tile to tile, our Merida Saltillo tile extends a number of benefits which makes it a clear choice when looking to establish the right atmosphere in interiors and exteriors. They are known for:

* Rustic Effects - an unadorned beauty that captures the feel of the desert that you can bring into your space affordably
* Naturalistic colors - a unique earthy color range that helps you to easily get the rustic effects you want
* Easy to clean surfaces saves you time for other things
* Heat and Fire-resistance adds security to your property, as well as practical value

Our Merida Saltillo tile perfectly captures the spirit of its origins - the rugged beauty of the Southwestern desert climate - making it easy to create the perfect look for interior tile projects.